1. What are the dimensions of a tiny house on wheels? The outer width is 8.5', the total height is 13.5' and the max length (including the towing vehicle) cannot exceed 60'. Most tiny homes range between 20' to 30' feet long. The square footage, including the sleeping loft, can be up to 400 square feet.

  2. What's the situation with utilities? These are options that can be customized by the client. There can be water supply and electric hook up similar to an RV or a more "off the grid" solution with rain water collection, holding tank, and a solar electric system.

  3. What's the situation with sewage? Our tiny home comes with your choice of composting toilet. If your tiny home is not in a location where you can drain the grey water into the ground then there are holding tank options as well. We recommend you check with your town regarding grey water disposal.

  4. Can a tiny home on wheels accommodate more than 1 person? Yes! We can design and build a larger tiny home that includes 2 sleeping lofts or customize some mini bunks for small children.

  5. Are there zoning regulations that do not permit tiny homes? Currently, in many small towns in Maine (population under 4000), there are no specific zoning regulations that prohibit tiny homes. Each town is different so we recommend you check with your town to determine the zoning and regulations specific to your desired location:)

  6. I am a retiree and don't want to climb up into a sleeping loft, do you offer alternatives? Yes, absolutely! We can customize the perfect space for you which could include the sleeping area on the main floor with storage in the loft or a guest bed.

  7. I would like a tiny home, but not on wheels. Some towns have building codes with minimum square footage requirements that prohibit small homes permanently build on a slab or foundation. Check with your town:)

  8. Can you live in a tiny home in the winter? Yes! Our tiny homes are well insulated and can withstand harsh Maine winters. You will have to find a way to insulate or heat the water coming in and grey water going out (much like with a mobile home).

  9. How do I insure my tiny home? Contact your current company for a home owner’s policy. Contact Celeste at United Insurance (207) 797-9400 .

If you have more questions please email us at corinne@tinyhomesofmaine.com or 207-619-4108.