This page is a resource for navigating codes and zoning as it pertains to tiny homes.

  • Large Maine towns (population over 4000 people) have to follow and enforce the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code (MUBEC). In January 2018 the state adopted the 2015 IRC and the Tiny Home appendix. More info found on the State’s website. The Tiny Home appendix is Chapter 5 page 7.

  • Maine is a Home Rule state meaning each municipality has local authority to allow tiny homes if they want to.

  • We have been advocating for tiny homes since 2015. We’ve met with several state building officials, local municipalities and land use attorneys to help towns establish a process for tiny homes. As of 5/3/19 no Maine city or town (except for Portland) as updated their ordinance to address tiny homes.

  • Tiny Home typically have composting toilets which are allow, but the grey water from your sinks and showers have to go somewhere if you have a pressurized water system (aka running water). Maine does have rules for draining grey water into the ground, but they are old and conflict with state plumbing codes. Subsurface Waste Water Rules.

  • More to come - stay tuned!